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Drypoint by F. W. Benson

Drypoint (Dutch:droge naald, French: gravure à la pointe sèche, German: Kaldnadelradierung, kalte nadel) is a form of intaglio printing. This is one of the easiest techniques one can use since it does not require knowledge of complex processes. All one needs is a talent for drawing (you even hold the needle the same way), a needlepoint and a metal plate. The plates are usually copper or zink. Zink is softer and therefore easier to draw on, but fewer prints can be made with it.

The first step is to gently draw your picture onto the plate, leaving only superficial lines. The important aspect of this technique is the burr. By varying the pressure you put on the plate and by working from different angles, you can control the depth of the line. The way you get the most burr up is by holding the needle vertically or at an angle. If you want, you can use a scraper to push the burr back into the line. « Read the rest of this entry »


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